Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day

Grandpa & Grandma's Wedding Photograph

I'm still learning what it means to be marrying a man who has dedicated his life to serving our country.  It's been an education, to say the least.  I'm learning how to handle the questions that are thrown at me, the disapproving looks, and the awkward moments.  How do we reconcile our personal relationship with his professional commitment?  I'm not sure.  

What I know is that I'm proud of my husband-to-be, I love him more than I could describe.  And I'm proud of all of our veterans, because where would we be without them?

Thank you to all.  

And on a lighter note--we all know about our local parades and ceremonies, but I'd thought I'd share some discounts/freebies for vets today:

  • Applebee's is offering free meals to active and retired military from a limited menu. 
  • Outback steakhouse is giving away free Bloomin' Onions and a non-alcoholic beverage to vets and active duty military.
  • Subway is giving away free 6 inch subs at participating locations.
  • Uno Chicago Grill is offering a free pizza to anyone who shows up in uniform, or shows up with a picture of themselves in uniform (or an ID will do). 
So, interesting list eh?  Forget your calorie counts and head out today for some free goodies!

And lastly:

  • Check out Brides Across America, an amazing organization that helps military brides by giving them wedding dresses. There are events happening all over the country this week, so please check out the site for more information!

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