Friday, November 12, 2010

All in the Family

Inspiration board via Dandelion & Grey

I've had my heart set on a family style meal since we started planning our wedding.  While the menu may have changed from a New England seaside feast to a more locally-focused meal (Hudson Valley), I still really want a family style meal. 

Can you just picture it?

Image via ChefsMarket

Beautiful platters of food, passed from guest to guest...a charming spread of delicious selections, and the best part is you can take what you want without waiting in line!

And look at the picture above, the platters actually add to the decor!

In my family, dinner is a time to catch up with one another.  I would love to have that same sense of actually sharing a meal at our wedding, instead of "chicken, fish, or beef?"  

A family style dinner feels a little less fussy to me, and a little more intimate. But I don't know how much this will cost.  The chef at our venue has been extremely gracious in coming up with a family style menu that works within our budget, but I feel like we may end up missing out on something wonderful. The standard menu sounds delicious to begin with, so why mess with success?

We still have plenty of time to decide.  I think I need to head up to Highlands to have a meal at their restaurant, and then start tackling the menu.  

Did you get to choose your menu?  Was there anything you "had to have?"


  1. We're lucky because our caterer offered the same 'standard' meals, regardless of buffet or family style.

    We also decided to do family style, because I personally hate waiting in lines for buffet meals. But honestly, our caterer was shocked! I guess not many people choose it?

  2. @ cheryl--I feel like it's a little more uncommon for people to choose family style too! No idea why. It's more personal, everyone gets to choose what they want, and there are no lines!

  3. We did family style and I think it was the same price as a seated dinner. I LOVED how it worked out, just like you described, very intimate!

  4. @ Runrgurl10 - thanks! You have no idea how many people think I'm a little silly to want family style. I want to say "see?!? it works!" And now I will!