Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ciao Bella!

A couple weeks ago, I got really really nervous about the progress of my to-do list.  I felt like I was really far behind in the planning process, so I grabbed my friend Moro and headed to our local Bella Bridesmaid to figure out what my ladies would wear.

My main objective was to decide on the Two Birds convertible dresses that I'd been obsessing over, but I got sidetracked by a couple other lovlies.  

Like "Wisteria" by Simple Silhouettes, modeled by the lovely Moro.

Check you out, girl!  Day-um.  

She likes it!  Full disclosure:  I was tempted to buy one of these for myself to have on hand.

I tried on "Rocket" by Simple Silhouettes, and by 'try on' I mean I hammed it up for the camera.  Since I'll be posting more pictures of myself from here on out, I should mention that I cannot take myself seriously when posing for pictures.    

I actually liked this dress, even though I had to hold it up. Room for lots of food?  Sounds like a winner to me!

I liked the color in the store, it's called "Grape," and I thought it was close to the raspberry/rose color I've been looking for--but thank goodness for snapshots!  It's a great color, but it's not quite what I was looking for.

Then I tried on the MS410 by Melissa Sweet.  I couldn't resist the jersey fabric, so soft and comfy!  But, can you see my face on the left?

I'm grabbing the hip swags on this dress.  What is it with hip swags?  I'm drawn to them (haha, I just thought of "like a moth to a flame, burned by the fire...").  

I decided that the only way to make this dress work was to pull out all the stops: pop one hip out, put BOTH arms on my hips and hold my breath.  And then I crossed it off the list when I realized that no one would actually be comfortable in this swishy-soft gown.  Not to mention it only comes in three dark colors.  

No bother--we left the Two Birds dresses for last.  And:

See that hip-pop?  She liked it!

I tried the shorter version on, and I was a little unsure about it. 

So we reworked the top. Is it scary that I knew how to do it? Clearly, I'd spent way too much time on their site.

Then we tried another style on Miss Moro.

I'm a big fan of cap sleeves--and clearly she is too.   

All in all, this was a great trip!  What did I learn?  That I absolutely love the Two Birds dresses, and full length convertible gowns in general.  Not to mention that I would LOVE to have them for my ladies in a shade of deep raspberry.    Did I mention that Two Birds can actually customize the color of your dresses?  Because they can. Which is great because they don't actually make a standard raspberry color, and neither did any other convertible dress companies.

My only hang up is the price!  I hate to dwell on money, but times are tough and I don't want any of my bridesmaids worrying about the cost of this dress.  On the other hand, I hear that nagging voice that says "you've paid the same amount of money for other bridesmaids dresses, it's your wedding. Go for it!"  And that's true, between accessories and alterations on other dresses I've certainly paid more. 

So I'm putting this idea on hold for a bit.  I'm either going this route or the ladies are free to choose on their own. 

What about you?  How did you choose your bridesmaids' dresses?  What factors did you consider?

One more thing, now that my wedding is over, I've found the BM dress that could have been by Henkaa!  They have a slightly different selection of colors, for any brides that's looking for convertible dress options.  

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