Monday, November 8, 2010

DIY Invitation Inspiration

Look what came in the mail!

For me--see?

Bella Figura had a sample sale a few weeks ago--all samples were on sale for $1 and the profits were donated to a good cause, so I bought a couple for some DIY invitation inspiration.  

One thing this whole process has taught me is that I am a sucker for paper.

  Is it a little weird that the word that comes to mind is "yum?"  I know, it is. 

The first sample is the "Hendrix 2."  I love the bold typeface used for the names, and the sweet details around the text.  

And the invitation that stopped me in my tracks:

"New Caligraphy."  Sigh.  If I could just pick an invitation off their site this would be it, without a doubt.  

I'm fascinated by the hand calligraphy, here--can't take my eyes off it. 

It's still a little tough to see it here, but the edges are painted. Painted!

And can you see the lush Letterpress Cotton 2-ply paper?

 It's absolute perfection.  The only problem is, we're not going to be able to splurge for letterpress or calligraphy.  And if you ask my mom, the invitation is a little hard to read...

So there are a couple things I'm going to keep in mind, as I sit down to design our invites with Lil $is:

- Landscape format (when the paper is "sideways," or the horizontal edges are longer than the vertical edges).

- Edges: painted and rounded.

- Not too big.  The only downside to my favorite sample is the size, it's 8.38" x 6.25". It's a little too bulky for me, and I'd like to avoid extra postage, if possible.

- Find a font that has the feel of calligraphy but not the price (and maybe a little easier to read). 

- Lastly, try to add a modern element to the invitation.  I want to avoid going completely traditional, so I may try to include a bold detail somewhere in the invitation suite. 

What do you think?  Where did you find your DIY inspiration?


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