Thursday, November 4, 2010

Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

You know, I've been trying to be really frugal lately (with the wedding on the horizon and all).  But it feels like every time I try to buckle down and save, something pops into my inbox** to divert my attention from wedding-related purchases.  

Today, it was Neiman Marcus and their shoooooes!  Take a look:

Valentino! (Pronounced Vaaaal-en-tEEEEn-oooo when I'm in this frenzied state)

Image via

And these?  So stinkin' pretty.  Delicate rosettes in the sweetest shade of blush.  Gah. 

And for the record, I'm a decidedly non-blingy person but why did my jaw drop when I saw these?

Image via

Because they're gorgeous.  That's why. 

And just because I'm not the biggest fan of bling, doesn't mean I don't like a little sparkle. 

Exhibit A:

Image via

Exhibit B:

Image via

Suddenly, I'm out in the open about my insane love for shoes that are way out of my budget.  And I'm all for buying a pair of something outrageous for the wedding, as long as I can wear them again but when am I gonna wear glittered slingbacks post-wedding?

To justify the price of some of these babies, I'd have to cook, clean, sleep, and eat in them--and I just might.  

For good measure, here's another pair of shoes that made me drool a little.  

Image via

But they're suede, and my wedding is in July.  Notice how I'm talking about them as if they are in the realm of possibility, again, please humor me.  

Sigh...I'm gonna blame this outburst on caffeine.  Mmmk?

Has anyone else started drooling over details you can't exactly squeeze into your budget?

**Sadly the "inbox" I'm referring to is my shopping/junk mail inbox.  I created a separate account to avoid the urge to shop, and to always have access to deals and discounts.  Yet it still makes me want to shop. Ah well...

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