Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm A Pusher

Yes it's true.

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But I don't push people to challenge themselves like Ms. Norburry. No, I'm a full blown pusher of addictions.  It was an accident, swear.  But in sharing the struggle to find a videographer with BM KuBee, I may have caused her to be hooked on wedding trailers.  Gasp.  

Seriously, KuBee has emailed me links to videos and written things like:

"oh my gosh girl, I've been laying in bed watching trailers all day! Check out 'Cindy and Mark,' it's my favorite, just wait until the :30 mark."  

I really love this girl.  Talk about supportive!  To be fair, she may have already been in bed, nursing a hangover. But still.  KuBee--this post is for you. 

And the video that started it all?

 Video by Stillmotion via Vimeo

Full disclosure:  This was our original venue, it's how I found it to begin with.  And if I'm being totally honest, it's a little bittersweet to watch this beautiful video again.  

One more for the road?

Ugh, so so SO amazing.  I am a huge fan of Stillmotion, but sadly, they are way out of reach for us.  So armed with these videos, I started searching for a videographer we could afford.  Man, can I just say that these trailers didn't make it easy?

How about you?  Did you fall for a vendor that was out of reach?  Were you able to hire your dream vendors?  Anyone else, slightly addicted to clips like this?


  1. Yeah, I had a crush on Stillmotion for a while. Why do they have to be from Canada and not Chicago?!

  2. I hate you for a number of reasons right now.
    1. Making me cry like a baby.
    2. Making me want StillMotion again.
    3. Making me want a poodle puppy.
    4. Making me want fire dancer people.
    5. Making me cry. Again.

    I wish we could afford StillMotion. Too bad they are like, an arm and a leg!

    So wait - are you from Toronto?

  3. @ Kelly - They are awesome! It would be cool if they were from NYC area, but I probably still couldn't splurge for them. :(

    @ Cheryl-- lol I'm sorry! But I totally warned you about the pup!