Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Made It Rain

At Cuz's wedding.  

The idea of throwing money on a bride and groom during their first dance might sound appalling to some people.  But in our family, it's a tradition.  Well, if we're being technical the tradition looks more like this:

Yes, guests would pin money onto the couple's clothing during their first dance.  Here's where I begin to take issue with tradition--there is no way in hell I would let anyone come near my wedding dress with a pin, unless that person is my seamstress.  

But this is something that we looked forward to!  It's a symbolic gesture; we're starting them off on the right foot, financially speaking, and quite literally showering them with "blessings."

Of course, the kids of our family (twenty and thirty-something 'kids') decided to have fun with the tradition.  We decided to "make it rain."  Which, according to Urban Dictionary means "When you're in da club with a stack [of cash], and you throw the money up in the air at the strippers. The effect is that it seems to be raining money." Hrmm...

Okay, so I don't like the part in the definition that mentions strippers.  But inappropriate connotation aside--this was so much fun!  And I laughed until I thought I might pass out when I saw the older guests mimicking our method of showering them with bills. My method, in case you're wondering, was to take the stack of singles in the open palm of my left hand, and slide the bills onto their heads with the right.  It sounds more shocking that it was, you're supposed to shower their heads--I just had a little fun with it. 

So if you ever find yourself at a Greek wedding, here are some pointers:

- This happens during the first dance.  It can and often does continue through the night, but the first dance is a safe bet.

- There is an order to who gets to do this.  Family of the bride is always first, then relatives, and finally friends. 

- This is not required for all guests, in any way.  You are not paying to dance with the bride. 

- You don't have to be a baller (or whatever the kids are calling it these days).  We throw $1 bills.  Typically, people throw what they have.  Ten, twenty, and even fifty.  It looks like a whole lot more than it is.

How about you?  Will your family take part in any cultural traditions at your wedding that are a little outside the norm?

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