Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"My Colors are Blush and Bashful"

No, pink is not my signature color.  It's Shelby's and she can have it.  Nothing against pink.  We've actually grown to be friends, pink and I (the color, that is).  But I came across Steel Magnolias while I was flipping through the channels the other day.  I must have seen it a dozen or so times, I must have.  Except all the other times I sat through this tear-jerker, I didn't pay attention to the wedding.  How is it possible that I never realized that Shelby had a backyard wedding?

Watching her wedding at this point in my life resonated with me so much more than it ever had. Truth be told, Bear and I started talking about marriage around the time that he was in the market for a house.  He had been looking for a home on a lake, and part of me hoped he would find one, for so many reasons.  Is it crazy to say that if he had found a house on a lake,  I may have pushed for a backyard wedding?

Crazy or not, I am smitten with the idea of a wedding that takes place on our own territory, if you will.  A place where I can don a beautiful dress and kick off my shoes, if I want to. We can be as formal as we want to be, because it's home.  Don't get me wrong, I love our venue.  It's everything I could want in a venue that isn't my own backyard.   And I know there are hangups for planning a celebration in your own backyard--um hello, toilets, generators, neighbors and red velvet armadillo cakes (to name a few).   

I'm still a fan of the backyard wedding. A big fan.  HUGE, even.  So thanks, Shelby.  Your (fake) wedding is officially a little bit of inspiration for our wedding.  

Monday, April 26, 2010


It's been nearly a week since I returned from my trip down south to see the Boo.  He accomplished something remarkable in his career, and I am so very proud of him.  Henceforth, I will be referring to the Boo as "Bear."  I may use the names interchangeably but please forgive me.  I've called him Bear since day two of our dating life--it seemed to fit him perfectly.  And I don't mean teddy bear, or koala bear or any other sort of cloyingly sweet and cuddly bear.  Nope, this Bear is more the gruff kind that is probably happiest rolling around somewhere in the mud.  Maybe by a lake.  With some other gruff types.  Just wanted to clarify.  With his recent accomplishments, I thought it only fair to go public with his moniker.  He has certainly lived up to the name. 

Congratulations Bear.  My admiration and love for you grows each day.  You have a way to make things look easy, you know, even when I know they are most certainly not. 


Monday, April 5, 2010

Engagement Pic Inspiration: Something Colorful

I've been infatuated with color for as far back as I can remember.  Crayons, and markers, and yes, even my mom's lipstick.  I loved it all.   That love was often altogether messy and beautiful.  And until someone put a paintbrush in my hand, my love for color often got me big trouble.  Sadly, my passion for paint never amounted to much technique or even talent.  But my love for it goes on...

So imagine my excitement when Boo asked to move our e-pic shoot to his house.  His house equals more freedom to do something a little more off kilter, which equals fun!  Yessss! Especially because I had secretly wanted to so something like this: 

Cute, but not enough "mess" for me...


Yes!  That's the kind of mess I'm talking about!

How amazing is the last image?  And how amazing is our photographer?  Because when I emailed her about the change and braced myself for a response that went something like "I know I asked you to look around for some inspiration, but I didn't mean for you to be a weirdo."  Turns out she was just as excited about the shoot as I was!  Clearly, she's awesome and I will speak about her more after we meet (on the day of the shoot, eep!).  But I can not wait!  

Now the only person left to tell is Boo.  He's been in training, so while I know he won't be shocked by it he might not be thrilled either.  I can picture him saying something about his face already being covered in camo paint for days and laughing, but what if he's not down with color the way I am?  

And oh, remember the part where this will be at his house?   Well, it kind of slipped our mind that pretty much everyone that matters to him will be in the house while this is going on.  And by in the house, I shudder to think that I mean outside, watching this paint-fueled debacle.  Maybe they won't even care?  Right?

Either way, I can't wait to see Boo and to have some fuuun!  Yahoo!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Sweet Spring

Sunglasses, originally uploaded by comin or goin.

Today is an absolutely gorgeous day. Can't wait to get out there, throw on my great-big sunglasses, and enjoy the breeze.

I love how wonderful Spring can make you feel. So full of possibility and new life! At least that's how I feel.

And Spring of course ushers in the Summer. Can not wait!! 15 months from today, next Summer of course, is our wedding day!

Have a great weekend!  Enjoy the day!  And have a Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's Not You, It's Me

Image via / Cartoon by Carolita Johnson

So how do you tell a vendor that you've decided to go with someone else?  The obvious answer is to be honest and polite.  But like it or not, honesty isn't always polite.  Especially when you're on the receiving end. I am just starting to reach out to vendors and I will have to approach this carefully time and time again, won't I?
Usually a polite, "thank you for your time, we've decided to go with someone else," should suffice.  Unless a rejected vendor asks for a reason why you rejected them. 

It happened to me the other day, and I have yet to respond.  It's a fair question.   The email deserves my time and attention, and I need to approach my answer tactfully.  I understand why someone would want a reason why they were rejected but how do I word it?  What I want to say is "I really liked your work, that's why I reached out to you.  But I had a feeling about the vendor I chose.  So I went with my gut."  But, if she's looking for critique, that won't be helpful now, will it?   Huh? Some girl got some heartburn or somethin' and that's why she didn't choose me?  

But I guess that's what it's going to have to come down to.  If talent, creativity, and price are all similar.  What else would I have to go with?  I went with the one who I had a good feeling about--is that wrong?

Was it hard to turn vendors down?  Were you ever asked to explain why you chose one vendor over the other?