Thursday, November 18, 2010

She Said Yes!

Our reception site coordinator, Adrienne, that is.  We stopped by HCC after our visit to the chapel, and I was able to get another look at the space.  It felt good to walk through and see everything again "the photobooth will go here, the card table should be here, cocktails out there..." You get the idea.    

And then, I mustered up the courage to tell our coordinator that I wanted to create some panels for the space.  I tried to describe what I was thinking of, but I got a little flustered.  Finally, I decided it was best to just send her my inspiration pics.  

Yesterday, I hit send on the email and crossed my fingers, half expecting a "that's nice, but it's not feasible" email reply. 

And what I got was a YES!  She thought it was cool--not crazy at all!  

Now I only need to figure out where to hang them and how to hang them.  There are sconces on the walls between the windows so I might have to think of something else.  Either way, this project is now officially on my DIY list! 

Did you have to clear any of your DIY projects with your venue?  Were any ideas shot down?

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  1. Those are so cool! I love the first one, cause it's just like an eye doctor chart haha.