Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Bride Wore Black (& White)

I'm completely smitten with the color combination of black and white. 

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Photo by Steve Depino

It adds a little touch of sophistication, a hint of rock n' roll, and oozes personal style. 

This combo tugged at my heartstrings so much that I headed over to M&J Trimming before I even had a dress to find some black ribbon to try out: sheer organdy, bold grosgrain, and silk dupioni.  

Think that the lack of a dress was the biggest problem? It wasn't.

Convincing my family, and by family I mostly mean Yiayia-Marmalade, was going to be the biggest challenge.  Here's the trouble-- my grandfather passed away a year before my wedding and Yiayia-Marmalade wore black ever since (although she doesn't have to, she just might wear black for the rest of her life). Her mother before her wore black for most of her adult life, to mourn the loss of her husband. It's a cultural tradition that persists in my family.  There's such a stigma against black in my family that I wasn't allowed to wear it until I turned thirteen and started purchasing black clothes with my babysitting money. Talk about culture shock, eh?

Yes, I wear black on a daily basis now.  And I get comments from my family directed toward my black clothing all the time, "why are you wearing black now? Wear black when I die, wear color now."  Sounds outrageous, but it's how the older folk talk in my family.  So, TRY convincing my Yiayia that it's okay for a bride to wear even a little teeny tiny bit of black...I dare you. Actually, can you please?  I'd love you forever!

Are there any details about your wedding day look that have become a debate?  Or have any details become an issue because of family tradition or culture?

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