Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Meet Robin Sparkles

No, not that Robin Sparkles.

This Robin Sparkles.  My Canadian beauty.

Photo by Lucy Clement

She's the one on the left. *wink wink*

Mr. M did a fantastic job picking her out.  Yes, I know it's a little annoying that I named her, but humor me. 

She wasn't exactly a surprise.  Nearly a year before Mr. M proposed we started talking about engagement rings.  We found ourselves inside our local Tiffany, trying on rings even though I had my eye on these beauties by Sarah Perlis:

Ring images via

He was not a fan.  He wanted a more traditional ring, and I wanted something different(!!!).  The only thing we agreed upon was that my engagement ring had to be conflict free.  So, after some digging around on the internet, I learned that Tiffany carried conflict free diamonds.  That was all it took to convince me--that, and the fact that we happened to be walking one sunny afternoon.  

I had no expectations when I stepped inside.  I didn't even think I liked diamonds (gasp)! I didn't want anything too traditional, too popular, or too sparkly: I wanted something I'd never seen before.  

Once we started trying rings on, all my "don't wants" went out the window.  I was nervous!  And I was shocked to be having FUN--our sales associate let me try on a 3 karat oval solitaire, do you know how exciting that was?!

Aside from the fun, I wasn't finding anything that felt like "me."  That was until I tried the emerald cut solitaire with tapered baguettes. I gasped, and according to Mr. M, my face lit up.  I was sold.  The ring was classic enough, delicate, the lines were clean, and the proportions looked perfect on my hand.  This was something I could be very happy wearing for the rest of my life.  

We left on cloud nine that day, but I wasn't satisfied there.  I'd heard of Brilliant Earth and I wondered if they had anything similar.  And wouldn't you know it?

They did.

I sent the link to Mr. M, and told him that I would be happier with a ring from Brilliant Earth.  I felt more confident in their practices, and the overall value of their jewelry.  Our sales associate at Tiffany was too vague about their mining practices for me and I wasn't convinced that we wouldn't be paying a premium for the little blue box.  Also, I loved that Brilliant Earth donated a portion of their profits to communities that have been affected by mining practices.  What I didn't love, was that a ring from Brilliant Earth would have to be ordered online so we couldn't see the quality in person.  AND I still loved the rings by Sarah Perlis.  

So I stopped thinking about it and I let him decide.  I wanted a surprise as much as he wanted to surprise me.  

And SURPRISE!  I got my traditional engagement ring from Brilliant Earth with a certificate that tracks her back to a mine in Canada, which is how she got her silly name (that, and our love for HIMYM).

How involved were you in selecting your engagement ring?  Did you get to choose it?

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