Thursday, November 4, 2010

Draw My Brakes

Have you heard this song before?

It's one of those songs I heard way before I knew what it was called.  Back to what I was saying-- 

I've just stopped short in my tracks.  There I was, rolling along, thinking everything was fine, and WHAM!  I ran straight into a planning wall.  It's inevitable, every bride runs into a challenge somewhere in the process.  But add the military to your planning scenario, and these walls seemingly pop out of nowhere.  

The other night, I received a call from the Bear.  Yeah! So so happy to hear his voice!  And he had some good news: its looking like he will definitely be home in time for our wedding!  The reason?  Well, that's the not-so-good news.  He's going into training before.  He should be done with two days to spare. 

TWO DAYS.  Two tiny little days that leave us no wiggle room.  Because it wouldn't be shocking to hear that he couldn't get into the school/course he needed to get into, until a day or two later.  These things happen.  So now what?

And there's another thing that's sitting off on the distance.  His brother might not be able to make it to our wedding either, his only sibling. AND he's in the military too.  I've been struggling with this from the beginning.  Again, the mister is sure things will work out in our favor. But I've got two strikes against me now.  Two enormous, uncertain, make-me-want-to-call-everyone-up-and-change-everything strikes against me now. Is it time to pull the plug?

I'm sitting on two contracts--I can't bring myself to sign.  He thinks we're going to be fine.  He thinks his brother will make it.  He thinks he'll get out of the course, hop on a plane, and be here just in time.  We may not get to do a rehearsal, but that's okay.  We've both participated in a few weddings and I'm pretty sure we can handle the walk down the aisle without practice.  

I'm tempted to change everything right now, but I know that the best thing to do is to wait it out.  Things change so quickly with his schedule that I wouldn't be totally shocked to hear him say "hey, I'm coming home next month." That's just the nature of the beast, as they say.

But um, to steal a line from the song up there, "stop that train," I want to get off.  Eloping sounds like a great idea to me!

Has anyone else had to plan around a crazy schedule?  How did you handle it?

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