Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hip Swag

What the hell is a hip swag?  Are you serious?  How do you not know this? ( I kid, I kid)

Hip swag, meet the internet.  Internet meet hip swag.   I got the chance to try on this beautiful gown by Sarah Seven, at the Lovely Bridal shop, where I was introduced to the hip swag.  Do you see that bit of fabric that is draped over her hips on either side?  That, my dear friends, is a hip swag in all it's glory.

Don't be afraid.  Or, if you're like me and have the shape of a pear--be afraid.  And then be a little disappointed when you see the hip swag add a couple inches to your hips, so instead of looking like the statuesque beauty pictured above, you look like this:

And nothing against Prince Charming and his royal festivities, but Anastasia and Drizella are pretty much what I don't want to look like on our wedding day.  And I'm not really all that into the concept of resting a glass upon my ass, or whatever Annie and Driz were trying to do when this style was the rage.  Sadly, I don't need help flagging attention to the lower half of my body.

Just had to take a moment to recognize the hip swag before I get into the second stop of our dress hunt.  Get ready for more!

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