Thursday, September 2, 2010

WWII Victory Inspired Bridal Shoot

Check out this gorgeous photo shoot I found on Classic Bride. The images are originally from the newest issue of WellWed Hamptons.

The makeup is absolutely flawless, and classic--my opinion? There's nothing more classic and feminine than a deep red lipstick. 

I just love how the modern gown compliments the vintage hair and makeup.  The shapes of the rosettes almost mimic the large romantic waves of her hair.

Look at the gorgeous victory rolls tucked sweetly under the hat and veil.  You know, rumor has it that the term "victory roll" was actually used to describe an air maneuver in WWII.  After the war, women adopted the term to describe the style of hair you see above.  Consider it a case of fashion meets patriotism.

A little sweet and sexy number--not a gown, but lovely and bridal nonetheless.

Part of me really wants to try this makeup on our wedding day.  Yes, the wedding day itself may not be the greatest time to try out a new look, but I have the worst trouble finding the perfect red.  Why not have an expert help me out?  

I love the makeup on this model, especially because I can see how it would look more or less, on a brunette like myself.  

So there you have it!  Classic and patriotic.  This may be something another future military wife might want to incorporate into her wedding, or at least a boudoir shoot.  Am I right?

*All images are from WellWed.

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  1. Love these! And I agree they would be great for a military wife to do for a boudoir shoot! :)