Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I just got a letter in the mail.  The floral arranging class that I signed up for has been cancelled.  Something about low enrollment.  So I guess I won't be making anything like this anytime soon:

Yes, I know.  Arranging flowers does not sound like the most fun to pretty much everyone I've mentioned this to.  But I've really wanted to take a class for two years now, when I had the opportunity to create the flower arrangements for my sister's shower. It was supposed to be my little distraction (and indulgence) that had noting to do with the wedding.  I wanted to make something!  For fun!

This is the second class that's been canceled, after I signed up.  There is a dark cloud above me wherein flowers are concerned, I tell you.  This dark cloud has something against nerdy chicks with a love of pretty things.  That is the only thing to explain this travesty.  And also, that there really isn't that much to do in this neck of the woods.  

Consider this reason #9,997 why I want to move back to Brooklyn.  

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