Monday, September 20, 2010

Lovely Lavender

I'm headed to meet a potential florist tonight with my mom and I remembered to bring along some examples of what I like.  Now that I'm sitting here looking through them all I realized that I really love lavender.  

When I first started thinking of what I wanted our wedding to look like, I pictured a ton of it!  But then I changed my mind because I'd seen a so much lavender around the wedding blogosphere, that I worried I wasn't being "different enough."  But, I like lavender.  I always have.  And when I learned that lavender is a symbol of devotion, joy, and luck and I was sold!  

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What can I say?  I'm a sucker for symbolism--especially in flowers.  As a mini Marmalade, I was obsessed with my Anne of Green Gables Treasury, it's where I first learned of the symbolism of flowers.  It's something that's stayed with me ever since.  So, who cares if I've seen other people use lavender?  I like it, and my inner literary nerd does too!  Great minds think alike!

Here are some of my favorite inspiration pics, that I'll be taking to the meeting tonight.  

I like the idea of adding some lavender to my bouquet as a back up plan.  Chances are I won't be able to get a Lily of the Valley bouquet (which is what I really want) because of the cost and because they should be out of season in July.  So this could be a strong contender for my bouquet.

Image via Project Wedding

There will be some tables set up outside for cocktail hour.  I would love to be able to add some flowers so they don't look too bare.  But I need to keep it simple and cost effective.  I have a bunch of Ball jars I would love to use for some small lavender arrangements like these.  

A sprig of lavender in a cocktail?  Mmm...yes please!  I haven't really started thinking about the bar.  But once I do, watch out!  I would love to create a cocktail for our reception, if I can (i.e. if it's not an added expense).   A couple years back, I created a lavender syrup which would be nice.  Or, maybe I could create a lavender-infused gin? Yum.

Image via Etsy / Photo by PaulaJeansGarden

And last but not least, I think lavender would be perfect for our moms!  I am not a fan of the traditional wrist corsages because they remind me of prom (and the thought of prom makes me shudder).  So instead, I want to have some posies of lavender made for our moms.  I think they would like it, especially since lavender is really easy to dry and preserve as a keepsake, if they choose.    

So what do you think?  Anyone else smitten with lavender? 

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