Monday, September 13, 2010


Or "Why I Need a Food Intervention--Stat"

Look at that smiley-faced raviolo,up there. That teeny, delicious, S.O.B.  I'll miss that little guy.  

When the Bear deployed, I did my best to stay in my routine.  I tried so damn hard to act like everything was fine.  To be honest, I was trying to convince everyone that I was fine.  Fine. Fine. Fine.  It all boiled down to the fact that I was scared to let people down, and I didn't want to look weak.  It all sounds melodramatic now, but there still is some truth to it.  No one likes to see someone struggle to adjust, and frankly, I don't like to let anyone see me struggle.  But I did.  And you know who was there to help me out, when I refused to communicate that anxiety?

That delicious little bugger, right up there.  Yep.  Mac-o-roli. Actually, I'm not gonna lie.  This is some seriously good stuff.   It is macaroni and cheese, stuffed into a  bite sized piece of junk food heaven, and you can microwave it(!!). Nuke it for two minutes and enjoy.  And when the Bear left, there was 20 bags of this in my freezer.  My mom found them on sale, and stocked up.  Know what else was on sale that same week?

And this my friends, was my perfect storm.  

I gave my self a week or two to eat like there was no tomorrow--full bag of mac-a-roli (650 calories,15g saturated fat,825mg sodium--so good), washed down with a Klondike Bar...And where did it get me? You don't wanna know.  Actually, I didn't want to know.  Until I went to the doctor's office, and they weighed me.  I tried to keep my eyes closed, but I peeked.  Wish I hadn't done that, because I learned that I was (am, maybe?) two pounds away from my heaviest weight. 

This is no good.  I did this to myself, and I'm gonna have to kick my ass to get out of it.  I've banished ice cream and pasta from the house.  I'm committed to working out 4-5 times a week.  And I'm not going to weigh myself.  

So, goodbye old friends.  You were tasty, but I'm gonna have to go find a better way to cope.  Peace!


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  1. This is too funny...we must be on the same page lately!!