Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Font, Font, Font!

Somewhere in the wedding planning process I came across the whole idea of branding for a wedding.  I was struck by how cold the terminology felt, "branding."  As if that meant that all couples were required to create a logo for their wedding, and slap it on as much merchandise as possible.  But isn't that what people do anyway?  Isn't a monogram or a decorative motif (like flowers, or anchors perhaps) the same thing?  

I was immediately turned off by the idea of having a theme for our wedding.  To me, weddings don't necessarily need a theme, "marriage," or "we love each other," is good enough for this lady.  I'll save the themes for birthday parties and showers.  But "branding" is something I could get behind.  Something to help keep me on track and help me focus on just a couple ideas for our wedding.  

First step?  Choose a font.  Something beautiful and script-y.  And then something to contrast that font.  

This font.  I've been holding onto this image for a while--and I am completely enamored with this gorgeous font.  So I hopped over to IdentiFont, and did some detective work.  And I found, Memoriam.

Since this is more decorative than anything, I'm going to have to find another typeface to use in the body of the texts I plan on creating.  I'm still working on it, but there is one I really want to use. 

American Typewriter.  Depending who you ask, it's the font seen in the iconic logo (err, rebus) designed by Milton Glaser, above. 

If I could use this on a daily basis, I would.  And I think it's perfect for our wedding.  We're both avid readers.  I am an aspiring writer.  And we have a strong connection to the city of New York--it's where our relationship started, and where we got engaged (maybe where we'll live again one day...).  I'm not completely sold on using it on all our stationary, but it certainly going to make an appearance.  

It's not quite a monogram, but it's getting there!

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