Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mix Tape #2: The Love Continues

Here's the next "mix tape" I made for the Bear. 

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It's a little off-kilter as far as playlists go.  I go from Empire of the Sun to Jason Mraz--start to finish.  Never thought I'd mention both of them in the same breath, but there they are nonetheless.  Each and every song on this list represents a moment, a memory, a piece of our relationship.  So while they don't fit together on the surface, they come together to form the narrative of the past few years for us. 

Take "Lucky" by Jason Mraz for example, I avoid it at all costs on the radio.  For one, it was played way too many times on the radio for my sanity's sake.  And two, I didn't want to hear it so much that I lost the connection to it's significance.  One lazy day in Texas, I lounged on Bear's bed and surfed the internet to pass the time, while he cleaned his room.  I was checking out some newly released albums from the week, when I came across a preview of "We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things," and I reluctantly started listening to it.  While I've always had a soft spot for singer/songwriters, I tried to stay away from most new music in that genre (note: past tense, I'm over that now).  I clicked around on the internet until we came to #6.  I gasped and stood up just a few seconds into the song.  Bear stopped what he was doing when he heard the lyrics, and scooped me up.  Just like that we started dancing, listening to a song that pretty much summed up the beginning our our relationship. He had just returned from Iraq, we'd just fallen in love. Pretty perfect if you ask me. 

Anyway, enjoy!

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