Friday, October 1, 2010

Ori, Ori-gami!

When I was a little girl, my mom would buy us activity books, with the supplies attached.  My two favorites?  The face painting book, aptly titled, Face Painting:

The other was an origami book, which is much more appropriate for a wedding.  Oddly enough, I don't remember the name of the origami book.  But it came with origami paper and easy instructions.  My sister and I had a ball!  She was much better than me, I'm pretty sure she even made the origami balloon.  I got as far as the piano and quickly gave up.  Until now...  

I want our save the dates to be different from the rest of the wedding.  I know I have to use an engagement picture.  And, I need to display our wedding website in a way that will be noticed, without being too pushy.  Enter origami.  

Despite my actions as an impatient seven year old, I really do love the art of folding paper.  I swear it was the gateway to my love of paper.  How about folding our save the dates into a really cool shape?  Maybe a paper plane?  Or a star?  Or a Santa Claus?  No--whoa nelly, no Santa Claus.  

There's also a big problem I'm overlooking here.  I promised the Bear that we would use our engagement pictures on our save the date postcards (why was I so specific? damn me). There is a way to do this.  And I'm gonna figure it out in a way we'll both be happy.  

(How about that, creepy clown face girl up there?  Don't look so surprised!)

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