Thursday, September 9, 2010

An Inspiration Shoot & A Game Changer

That's what this beautiful shoot is for me, a major game changer.  I came across this via Snippet & Ink, and then Grey Likes Weddings.  Each time I look at it, I am floored by the gorgeous images, and the elements that make them up.

I was set on the overall look and feel of our decor--I wanted a clean and crisp look made up of white and sea glass.  This is not it:

And what is it with me and stone fruit all of a sudden?  Cherries?  Brilliant!  Now I'm into nectarines and plums?  

I want a cake like this.  Nothing too fussy.  Nothing that contains fondant, or gum paste, or supports made of "crispy rice treats."  I want a cake that just looks delicious and doesn't require a pastry chef to cut it.  Just like this:

Then there's the added element of print thrown into the party, adding a bold touch.  Didn't I say I wanted to add sheet music and books into our decor?  Yes I did.  And then the lovely stylists took that a step further.  Touché.  

The panels could certainly be used to serve another purpose--maybe a new spin on a guestbook?  Or table assignments?

I didn't mention that they not only managed to incorporate red, but they added lavender and a brightly colored cocktail.  Now the wheels are turning.

The bouquet is perfect--like all the florals featured in the shoot, the flowers are loosely arranged.  Nothing too architectural or forced.  I could be very happy with a bouquet like this since it doesn't look like I'm going to be able to get my hands on some lily of the valley. I'd probably ask for a little less purple.  

I'm still working on our reception site.  But where ever it is, I hope to have a moment like that with the Bear, to make a toast to the day (hopefully around a bonfire).

Yes, this is me and I'm clearly living in a fantasy world.  This amazing shoot took me from "we're not doing flowers" to "oh my goodness, how do I get romantic and lush arrangements like those" in the blink of an eye (or a couple clicks of a mouse, as the case were).  

This has to be another symptom of bridal-itis.  Symptoms include: acute inability to make decisions,  insatiable appetite for items that are over budget and out of reach, and repetitive list-making that is a direct correlate to the neglect of said lists.  

Please, please, let this thing only last until the wedding.  Or tomorrow. I'll be bookmarking these pages while I wait for it to pass.

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