Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hello, Vera!

It was bound to happen. Who was I to think that I wouldn't like any gowns in Vera Wang's collection? No really, I always thought that her designs were lovely and sophisticated, but I didn't even bother looking at her latest line. The reason? Because I didn't want to fall head over heels for a dress that is way over my budget.

You know where this is going. So, meet Evelyn.

There she is: simple, sophisticated, romantic, form fitting, and different from the more popular wedding gowns of late.

I want to try her on. I want to march right into the nearest Vera Wang boutique (with an appointment, of course) and take this gown for a little spin.

But there are two reasons that stop me in my tracks; I have no idea what this gown costs. And as BM Lil' $is so kindly put it, I have hips while this lovely model does not. She's right, it might not be the best silhouette for me (which is what BM Lil $is was trying to say).  Choosing a dress from a picture alone, is probably not the best idea.  But my common sense is being overpowered by my fashion sense.  

So am I just headed for a major disappointment?

Did you find that the dresses you tried on looked different on you  versus how they looked on the model?  Did that change the direction of your bridal gown shopping?

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  1. ooo, wedding dress shopping!!! I was in the same position as you, looking at dresses and being afraid of disappointment. You will find something that you LOVE. I went to Priscilla of Boston and had an amazing experience and they were able to pull out dresses that were similar to ones that I loved.

    Good Luck!