Thursday, October 21, 2010

Inspiration - Bridesmaids (and Everything Else)

I came across this gorgeous wedding shot by one of my favorite wedding photographers, Steve DePino, just as I was starting to stress over my bridesmaids dresses.  

Originally, I wanted to ask the ladies to wear a cocktail dress of their choosing.  But I decided that mismatched cocktail length dresses were too informal for our wedding, as it is quickly becoming much more formal than I could have ever imagined.  But that picture right there, proves that there is in fact a happy medium here.  

I don't think that any of these outfits are too casual.  And look at the bride, she's certainly not casually dressed.  Maybe, I dismissed my gut feeling too quickly this time.  I'm going to have to think about this before I make a decision.  So I'm holding off on this until the new year.  You never know, maybe there will be some new colors and styles that will suit my taste. Or maybe I'll be able to make a decision!

But back to this wedding.  I am floored by the amazing photos and the sophisticated style of the affair.  Check it out!

Gorgeous ensemble, I love how chic the black looks here.  

Sleek black suits and a mixture of bow ties and modern neckties. (Let it go Mich, let it go...)

Upon closer look of these ties, we see that they are so freakin' cool. 

Ok, I'm letting it go now.  No black suits and ties.  Military blues, I got it.  

Oh my goodness--simple, chic, elegant.  Do you see why I love banquet tables now?

Here's a closer look at the details, 

Yes, I love these little understated design elements; striped straws, calligraphy,   And I really want to learn calligraphy, but I won't because I know I will just get frustrated.  

I am tucking this away into my inspiration folder, hoping it will keep me from going over the top with the design.  

Did anyone have such a tough time deciding on bridesmaids dresses?

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