Thursday, October 14, 2010

Narrowing Down Our Choices

After I crossed the Lounsbury House off our list, there were a few more options.

The last local option was the Stamford Yacht Club.

I liked it.  But I didn't love it.  But to make things easy, I'm taking the checklist route.  Here's the breakdown:

1. Close to Home - Yes!  A relatively quick drive, as a matter of fact. 

2. Easily Accessible to travelers - Yes again! Planes, trains, and automobiles.  We got 'em all.

3.  Cost! - NO.  No, no, AND, NO.  This place was even more expensive than our original dream venue.  So I'll say no one more time(no).

4. Flexibility/Simplicity - Not really.  This is a working club, with members.  It's not really a wedding venue.  So we'd have to be sponsored by a member.  And our date would have to get the okay.  And that means that moving the date would require an okay in the event that Bear's schedule changes.  

So more expensive and not that flexible made it a no.  Honestly, other than the fact that is close to home and on the water, this place didn't really fit us.  Bear grew up sailing, so that's a definite tie to him.  But I didn't.  And the decor was pretty masculine; dark wood everywhere, nautical touches abounded, just like an "old boys club."  Now, growing up on the coast, I have a love for the water and for most things nautical.  But design-wise, it's not me.  Luckily, I didn't have to go that far in my train of thought.  Because it was a no. 

Next up: New York!

We dismissed the idea of a West Point wedding early on.  I wasn't really into it and neither was he.  But I needed options, so I checked it out and I came up with two.  Here is the first one: 

This place looked amazing in pictures, but there were a lot of conflicting reviews on the it.  Again, I'm going down the checklist to make things easier. 

1.  Close to home - No.  But it's very close to West Point.  And that's not too far from home.  

2. Easily Accessible to Travelers - Not really.  But it's not impossible.

3.  Cost - Yes, big cost savings.  This was way cheaper than our original venue.  

4. Flexibility/Simplicity - Mostly no.  Yes, this is a one stop shop kind of place.  We could have people stay here all weekend, get married on the grounds, and have them take care of everything.  But not really.  The hotel has been undergoing renovations that are not yet complete, and that made me nervous because we couldn't really be sure about everything.  

Ultimately this place was a no.  Not only for the reasons I listed above, but because it was a little more rustic than I wanted.  I like camping, it's fun!  But not for our wedding.  And the biggest red flag here was that it was hard to find a time to visit.  I don't expect vendors to bend over backwards for me, at all.  But I felt like it was more difficult to visit this venue than any other I'd checked out, my schedule didn't work with theirs.  After about  five tries to set a date, I cancelled.  Something just didn't feel right about it to me. 

Sometimes you have to go with your gut.  I did and I couldn't be happier with the choice we made!  Anyone else out there feel the same?  

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