Wednesday, October 13, 2010

For the 'Maids...

I can't tell you how bad I am at making decisions for myself.  I stink at it.  I like to look at everything from all angles, until I confuse myself and start all over again.  So imagine my struggle with selecting what my friends will wear.  No, it shouldn't be hard, but it is.  

My first thought was, "why not just pick a color and let them buy a dress they like?"  (Side note: I've seen this picture all over the internet, and I still haven't grown tired of it.)

Image via Bespoke Press / Event Styling by Angels Dreaming / Photo by Sugar Love Weddings

It was a good thought, but it was shot down pretty quickly when a.) I couldn't decide on a standard color, like "blue" or "red" or "black" and b.) when some of my bridesmaids felt that they actually wanted a little more guidance.  

Oh well.  

So I started looking for more traditional bridesmaids dresses.  And there were a couple I liked. 

Image via JLMCouture

This is the JH5080 by Jim Hjelm Occasions.  I immediately loved this, but there's something that still bothers me about it.  The luminescent chiffon is maybe just too...luminescent?

This stunning dress has pockets!  And still, it wasn't right:

I guess my problem is: I just don't want everyone in the same dress.  That's my group of seven friends, with seven different personalities, and seven different bodies.  So why would I want them in the same dress?  

And then I found it, the dress that is pretty much the object of my affection (for the moment).

Image via JLDesigns /Event styling by JLDesigns / Photo by Jasmine Star

The convertible bridesmaid dress!  I want it.  No really, I want one for myself. But I also want these for my bridal posse.  I've been drooling over these gowns by TwoBirds Bridesmaids, and Butter by Nadia.  Even Dessy and Victoria's Secret has a version! 

Now the downside:
  • I don't know how or if they will work on everyone's body.
  • I'm really particular about color, and I haven't found one that I like in this particular style. 
  • Price.  So far, I've found this dress to range from $250-$300.  Not good. 

So, either I get over my hang ups with everyone in the same dress or I find a way to get this dress on the cheap.  Any ideas?  

Did your bridesmaids wear the same dresses?  Or did they choose their own?

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  1. I'm right there with you about the dresses. I just fell in love with the purple Jim Hjelm. The top is super cute! I really like Butter by Nadia but I wasn't happy with the feel of the satin- fabric.