Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mix Tape #6 - Motown!

I just had my first meeting with a potential DJ, and I'm starting to get excited!  I won't get into the conversation, but I will say that we were on the same page where music is concerned.  One thing he was down with was my love of Motown!  Seriously, ask the Bear how many times I've trapped him in my car forcing him to listen to my karaoke versions of my favorite Motown songs--too many times to count (now that's love!).  

It wouldn't be our wedding without a little Motown, that's for sure.  So here's a little taste of what's in store at our reception.  

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Keeping the list to ten songs was not easy!  Pretty sure we could devote most of the reception to Motown alone and still have a blast.  But I think we're going to keep it to the dinner portion of the evening.  

What about you?  What are some of your must-play songs or genres?

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