Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Sweet Pop of Color

There are a couple (or many) words that embody what I would like our wedding to feel like:  feminine, romantic, classic, effortless.  When I started planning the wedding, I took the time to create an inspiration board to represent what I wanted our wedding to feel like, overall.   

I present to you my original inspiration board:

It was so pretty but it needed something.   I quickly realized that the one thing that was missing was a bold accent, something loud, something more "me."  That something was RED.  

Oddly enough, I never considered including red even though it's our favorite color--yes, our.  Now, I don't claim to have interior decorating skills (wish I did), but the colors of my bedroom are crisp white and sea glass and with touches candy apple red. Instead of trying to look for inspiration I quickly realized, that the best thing is to go with what you know.  Don't think too much and just choose what feels right.  To me, that was something as simple as being inspired by the color palette in my favorite room.

The only thing is that when it comes to a color as bold as red, it's easy to get carried away.  Red is a color that makes ME happy but it's also associated with passion, aggression, danger--not really a sweet, feminine, elegant color for a wedding.

So I did what any bride to be would do, I consulted Martha.  And look at that!

And this:

Yes! Back on the red train!  

Cherries are red in a very sweet (sweet? heyo!) and subtle way.  They are organic, so there is a natural variation in color that I love.  And they are actually quite beautiful and elegant.  Oh and did I mention that they are in season for the Summer?  Because they are, and what could be more perfect than taking inspiration from the season?

Now I just needed to figure out how and where to use them!

Was it hard to decide on a color palette for your wedding?  Did you use the season as a guide?  Or any of your favorite things/places?


  1. Sweet Treats for the road to be given to your guests as thank you gifts! :)

  2. You could even incorporate then somehow in your centerpieces on the table so that they serve 2 purposes.

  3. @ Nicole-- I like the way you think! The only thing I'm a little worried about is, will people start eating them?? Bc seriously, I can see some guests sit down and start chompin' away...