Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bridal Hoarding - It's Real, Look it Up*

Bit by bit, piece by piece, I've started collecting items for our decor.  This is a little tricky since I only have a loose idea of what I want everything to look like in the end.  But I can't help myself.  I am slowly turning into a bridal-hoarder. 

The hope is that I will not have to worry about finding these sweet little details at the last minute.  And there's nothing more eclectic then buying items from here and there as time passes, since that's pretty much what "eclectic" means.  This has also saved me a ton of money.  Because since I started early I still have the ability to wait until things are on clearance--see that red sticker on the frame up there?  Clearance tag!  I think that frame was marked down to $4.  Score!  That lantern right there?  I bought it for less than $8, after I found an imperfection.  The plate?  $3, also from the clearance section. 

Of course this will be a complete waste if I don't end up using any of it.  But I'm optimistic.  My hoard includes a bunch of pretty frames, interesting pieces of milk glass, and couple ceramic vessels for flowers.  I'm determined to make this work, I just need to settle on a design!  

*I have no idea if "bridal hoarding" is an acutal condition.  And no, I haven't looked it up. 

Have you considered collecting decor for your wedding in advance? Are you a bridal hoarder, like myself?  If so, I want to know about your favorite item!

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