Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Grow With Love

One of the most common questions about my wedding day look was about my hair, people kept asking me if I was planning to grow my hair out. Were they trying to tell me something?     

I hadn't thought about it too much before the questions started coming but I realized that yes, I'd probably have to grow it out since I had no idea what I wanted to look like on my wedding day!

But I didn't really want to grow my bangs out. If you've ever worn bangs, you already know that growing them out is a difficult proposition filled with many, many awkward hair phases. 

Here I am a couple months ago.  BM Lil $is gets full credit for this one.

Try and try as hard as I could, I just couldn't quit those babies!  I felt more like me with a little fringe hanging over my brows.  And why not?  They're cool and classic--

Image via 

(There you go, definitive proof as far as I'm concerned.)

My relationship with bangs has been hot and cold, my whole life.  It all started when I begged my mom to cut them for me and she refused.  So at the ripe age of 7, I took the matter into my own hands and had the world's shortest bangs for a while and I loved them! I've had some kind of fringe ever since! Not to worry, these days I leave the fringe for the professionals (except for that one time, right around my 25th birthday *shudder*).  Live and learn.  But do I want to rock bangs on our wedding day?  Mmm...I don't think so.

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As much as I loved my bangs I wanted to see what I looked like without them--it had been so long!  And yet I cut them again and again and again. Finally, I went four whole months without a trim and my poor forehead felt nekkid.

Image via IMDB.Com

I've finally made some progress.  My Winter was dedicated to fug: big sweaters, super pale skin (daily sunscreen = pale Miss M), and bobby pins galore to let my fringe grow. That "sacrifice" has led to some growth! It's not much progress, but it's pretty good!  

If I can control myself until the wedding I may end up with a style sans bangs!

Are you going to be sporting "bridal bangs?"  Or did you grow them out?

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