Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Birthday To You


I'm interrupting this blog to wish my kitten a very happy birthday! Yes, he totally reads the blog.  Ok no, he doesn't read (the poor little guy), but he would.  No, he wouldn't.  He would probably prefer to sit atop the fridge, licking his butt, which is probably what he is doing right now...

Anyway, happy 1st birthday Ollie!  You're growing too fast.  Thanks for being my buddy.  I'll make sure to give you some extra Greenies today and maybe buy you a new toy so you can lose it under the couch.  


The lady who tortures you by giving you hugs, trimming your toenails, and squirts you with water when you try to climb the screen of the sliding doors aka Mich

 This may also be another reason he doesn't love me so much.  Sad that it's one of the few pictures of him that I have stored on my computer.  He would make a good cat of honor, right?  There's no such thing as a cat of honor, and he probably would take the "honor" and use it as a jailbreak.  *wonder why*

Aww...that's my baby. 

(Ok crazy cat-lady is gone.  Just had to get that out of my system.)


  1. hahaha! Hi from WB right back atcha! Glad I found your blog.

    One of our cats just turned seven. I still refer to her as my "furry little baby" though...even though she is, literally, a big girl now (too many greenies - do they put crack in those things or what???).

  2. Happy birthday, kitty! From one cat lady to another, I think this is appropriate.