Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Can I Register for a Lomo?

Because I really want one.

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No?  How about a pony?

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I've always wanted one of those too.  At least more than I've wanted serving dishes and salad bowls and such.  

A couple weeks back my mom asked me where we planned register, and I told her I wasn't sure but I didn't only want stuff for the house.  Bewildered, she stopped and asked me if I was crazy.  Then without skipping a beat she asked me what color towels we wanted.  My mind went blank.  White?  Yes, white.  "Mom, we'd like white towels." Of course she thought that was a bad idea too, but I recovered quickly with "  We'd like blue towels?"  Satisfied with that answer, she left me alone.  Hopefully Mr. Marmalade will like the non-white towels.  

I know that registries serve a purpose and maybe I'm saying this a little prematurely.  But why can't we register for things we want? Not just items for the home.  I've heard of sites like Honeyfund that allow you to register to help pay for your honeymoon.  Or the Alternative Gift Registry, where you can "register" for non material items or ask your friends to donate to your favorite charity. Those sound like wonderful alternatives!

I'm not saying that we won't register for our own KitchenAid Stand Mixer, because I'm sure we will.  But why do our registries have to be so traditional even when our weddings or even our relationships aren't?  It just doesn't make sense to me.  I'm sure we'd be thrilled with whatever we recieve for our wedding, if people decide to get us anything.  But if we're supposed to take the time and create of list of things we "want" for our house, doesn't it stand to reason that we should be able to register for things we want for ourselves without running the risk of being called tacky?

 Before I go, here's some food for thought:

His and hers beach cruisers?  

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Come on.  That's a bad ass wedding present. 

Did you register for for non-traditional gifts?  If you did, how was the received by your friends and family?

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