Thursday, August 26, 2010

Color Conundrum

After seven months of planning the wedding full-force, it was time to start tackling the colors I planned to use. Sure, we weren't set with a venue but I couldn't let that stop everything! The color palette was hanging over me, and I felt like I needed to get something decided but it was tough!

When I first envisioned the wedding I saw something romantic, elegant, and simple.  Here's my first inspiration board:

Then I added a pop of red to the mix, by way of fresh cherries.

Image via / Styling by Rebecca Thuss

Then I started thinking about a little "gilded" romance.  

So I should have been good to go with our color palette. And I thought I was. 

Colors shouldn't have been an issue, except that I never bothered to take the guys into account.  Call me neurotic, but I was bothered by the way their blues fit into my color palette:

I liked was playful, fresh, and cute.  It was pretty darn perfect for a Summer celebration, especially a celebration held over Independence Day weekend.  But it's not really what I was going for at all.  To me, the blue and gold colors didn't mesh well with my softer palette that originally intended to use.  I knew that there had to be a color combo that would work, I just had to find it.  

So back to the drawing board I went!

Did you have trouble settling on a color palette?  Was there anything about your wedding in particular, that made you think twice?

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