Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Search Begins

As  a child, I would sit and sketch the most gorgeous outfits, dreaming that I was a fashion designer with the most amazing wardrobe in the the world.  Admittedly, many of those outfits consisted of mismatched fabrics, spandex biker shorts, enormous fabric daisies, and floppy hats with the brim flipped up in the front.  Thank you Blossom, thank you Fly Girls, and thanks to all the ladies of Saved By the Bell.  

Fashion design never panned out for me, but I still love design, I still love fashion.  And what does this have to do with weddings?  

In all the time spent designing the coolest and most gorgeous outfits ever, I never once, created a wedding ensemble.  To this day,  I have no idea what I want to wear on my wedding day.  There's so much pressure to find the one dress that brings you to tears.  The be all and end all of dresses.  And I don't understand that. For me, there's always next season.  If I don't like the fabrics or patterns of the Fall doesn't mean that I won't be obsessed with the looks of the Spring. 

Essentially, every wedding dress is variation on theme; a white dress, made to be worn once.  One of these variations has to work for me.  

And so, I'm going to bite the bullet and just start trying dresses on.  I am going in with an open mind, but not too open because I could end up with a serious case of bridal overload.  I have a few criteria to use:  fitted, no beading, low back (or interesting back detail), and straps.  Of course, there is plenty of leeway here, but these are some of the characteristics I've really liked so far. 

Lucky for me, I have New York City in my backyard (more like a short drive away).  I've already had one appointment (more on that later), and four more coming up in the weeks to come.  This should be fun, right?  More like torture?  Okay.  It may in fact end up more like torture, but I think this is the kind of torture that I can handle just fine. 

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