Monday, February 7, 2011

Please, Don't Eat The Decor

So far, the color palette for our decor is shaping up to be pretty modern and possibly lacking in, err, color.  There's lot of black and white.  And then there will be accents of gold in our mercury glass votives. But I need something to soften up the modern look, something that would take advantage of the season. We're getting married in JULY and I opted for black, white, and gold!  Festive, huh? I mean what's the fun of a Summer wedding, if you don't acknowledge the season?

And so, in that spirit, I'm letting my appetite take charge of the design,  much like the way I decorated many a dorm room, "pizza box chic," if you will(but not at all).

We're going to include some of my favorite Summer fruit into our decor!  

Like, strawberries:

Or some peaches, nectarines, and cherries:

And maybe some raspberries:

Pretty, right?  I'm not really sure what fruit we'll go with, but I have complete faith that our florist will do an amazing job.  When we sat down to talk about our centerpieces I told her that I want soft, romantic flowers, bold colors, and stone fruit.  And she loved the idea!

Now the only problem is, how do ask people to refrain from eating our centerpieces?  Quite the dilemma indeed...

How do you feel about incorporating fresh fruits or vegetables into your decor?

Right now, in the dead of Winter it almost goes without saying that I miss the Summer.  I miss the sun, I miss the warm temperatures, I miss the beach, and I miss Summer food!  And I don't mean burgers on the grill, I mean fruit (I'm not the biggest fan of burgers, shh).  Nothing says summer to me like ripe nectarines, peaches, plums and strawberries...mmm.  Hurry back Summer, I'm hungry!

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