Thursday, February 10, 2011

How the Internet Makes Shoe Shopping Too Easy

With five months left until our wedding, you'd think I'd start being a little more decisive.  Well, I'd think that too and we'd all be wrong.

Case in point:  my wedding shoes.

A few weeks ago, I found myself browsing in search of nothing, really.  I was probably looking for shoe inspiration or a good deal, maybe both.  And what I found was Butter, a whole lot of it.  I'd heard of Butter before, the shoe line that was cute and comfortable but I never thought much of it.  How could anything marketed as comfortable actually be cute? 

And then my inner magpie caught a glimpse of the Cruz Peep Toe pump in gold glitter.  And with just a few clicks of the mouse, the lovely Cruz was mine.

Feeling a little unsure of the ruching detail on the Cruz, I picked up the Cleo in gold glitter too. 

By this point, I thought "hmm, I might need some color."  So I picked up the Season d'Orsay pump in "bleu," to round out my sparkly trio.   

Suddenly, I began to feel the little pangs of remorse in the pit of my stomach.  Three pairs of shoes?  THREE pairs of GLITTERED shoes?!  Maybe I was going I snatched up a pair of the Club peep toed pumps in gold leather.  Hooray for self control!

And just a few short days later, these gorgeous shoes were mine. They were soft, comfortable, and expertly handmade in Italy.  Seriously, if you want a pair of gorgeous shoes that you could conceivably wear for 8 hours without wincing once--Butter is the way to go.  

I persuaded myself to return all but one.  I'm not sure if I will wear them on our wedding day, but they are the current pick.  See?  Even a crazy shoe fiend like myself can have moments of clarity.  I couldn't imagine myself wearing the glittered shoes on my wedding day, and even though I wanted to keep a pair because they were so incredibly gorgeous, I had to say goodbye.  

But all it took was a moment of weakness and a good internet connection and poof! Shoemageddon 2011, delivered straight to my doorstep.

Have you found your wedding shoes yet?  Did you shop for them online or in person?


  1. this is so true! i love shoes and your right, online shopping (and free returns) makes it so easy!

  2. I've been browsing on a lot of websites for shoes and ended up buying a pair (that I just returned) from Zappos. It's super convenient and there just seem to be more options.

    I'm finding the wedding shoe hunt to be hard.. I didn't think it would be :(

  3. Love the butter line of shoes! I still haven't pulled the trigger on ordering mine, but in my search for short heeled, non-grandma looking shoes, butter is definitely a front runner.

  4. I've heard good things about butter, too...I got mine on, I felt they had a good selection of shoes.