Thursday, February 24, 2011

J Cray Cray: Final Thoughts

You can read part one here.

All my bridesmaids have purchased their dresses!

Lil $is, Big Sis, and Cuz will be wearing the Erica dress, in warm pebble.  

BMs Yazzi Fresh, KuBee, Lisee-Pie, and Step-on-Me will be wearing the following in Spiced Wine:

Aveline, Blakely, Sydney, and Arabelle (pictured from left to right).

So, if I step back and put them all together I have a bridal posse that will look something like this:  

I love it!

But I didn't always love it, so here goes.  

I wrote this post a couple times, and I couldn't get it right.  Thinking that the visual aid would help me write this out, I waited until all my ladies purchased their dresses.  And it's still hard to put myself back in the moment when I felt so upset over the bridesmaids dresses.  

And I can't say that bridesmaids dresses don't matter to me anymore.  Of course they do.  I've asked the women I love most in the world to buy a pretty dress and stand up with me when I get married.  That purchase matters!  But, I've come to realize perfection doesn't.  At least not in the way I thought of it before.  Perfection to me was in the beautiful images that I've seen across the blogosphere.  The perfection I get to have, is that they are all going to be there in the way that makes them happy.  And that is what I wanted to begin with!  I wanted that more than I wanted the perfect picture of mismatched, smiling bridesmaids.  

(I'm sure you ladies are lovely, but my posse is better.)

I wanted everyone to be happy.  And so, I have to say that I regret ever getting upset that three of my bridesmaids got the same dress, no matter what their reasons were.  And that's a tough thing for me to admit.  Regret is something I try my best to avoid at all costs!  But, I had my bridal blinders on and I didn't see what I should have:  everyone is happy with what they got and what they got makes them feel beautiful!  

And you know what?  THAT is perfect to me.  As long as I have my ladies by my side, as they are, the perfect picture is inevitable.

Have you had moments where your "bridal blinders" got you in trouble?  Did you have to change your perspective at any point in your planning process?  

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  1. I think all the dresses will look amazing together.. are you having them accessorize themselves? If so, they'll still all have a different look and take on the dress :) Gorgeous colors, too!