Tuesday, February 22, 2011

When Left to My Own Devices...

I dreaded registering for presents.  I avoided it.  Not only did I not have any desire to register on my own, but I had no idea where to start!  So I decided to take my time, and ask the experts (i.e., friends and family--thanks guys!).  

To test the waters, I created our first wedding registry on    


And I discovered that I have an eye for the most useful, sensible items.  Wanna see?  Here are some of my favorite "essentials" off our Amazon registry.  

Totally practical! Let's take a closer look:

1.  Cobalt blue glasses - the most gorgeous color and they're well made.  Perfect for sipping iced tea.
2. Rest in Grease spoon rest, by Fishs Eddy - Because I want to begin my collection of Fishs Eddy products that I will call "One of Everything in the store," or "One of Everything" for short.
3.  Fishs Eddy Brooklyneese "Cawfee" cups - Um, yes please.  
4.  White marble pastry board - Because a. I have every intention of baking like a madwoman and b. I couldn't register for white marble countertops.
5. Dirt Devil Rechargable Hand Vac in Spice - because it's the best choice to pick up any pet hair left behind by my little Ollie.  Obviously.
6.  Polka Dot Dish Towel, Fishs Eddy - no kitchen is complete without one!

I realized that I stink at being practical, so to throw people off my scent I registered for some cookbooks!  They are all really common sense guides that I will (hopefully) get some use from.  What you don't see here is that I registered for about ten cookbooks to begin with, and I painfully narrowed it down to these four.  (7, 8, 9, 10)

Then I got back to registering for home decor, which is more important to me than most kitchen appliances (read: execpt for the KitchenAid Stand mixer). 

11.  Mojito Kit - I make a mean mojito, true story.  And I've wanted a wooden muddler for a while.  A must have for entertaining, am I right?
12.  Coop Bowl, CB2 - A lobster red bowl made of chicken coop wire.  Clearly, everyone needs one of these lovlies!
13.  Tiffany Vines Square Vase - I'm going to need a nice place to put all the flowers the Bear will get me after he sees how I managed to register for all the essentials.  
14. Teal Agate coasters - to protect the coffee table we don't have right now.  But we will!
15.  Glass Poron Wine Pitcher - This is the first item I registered for.  THE FIRST ITEM.  My inner wine nerd couldn't resist.  Just fill with a nice chilled bottle of rose, pick up the pitcher and tilt your head back so that wine pours out of the tiny spout directly into your mouth.  I've wanted one ever since a Spanish friend of mine introduced me to it.  

So let me finish the title of this post, "When Left to My Own Devices, I Register for Pretty Things.  And that's it."

Bare necessities?  I think I got 'em covered.

Did you enjoy registering for your wedding?  Was it easy to keep to the necessities or did you find yourself registering for things you just loved?


  1. We loved registering! Going into the stores was overwhelming but online was our sweet spot lol I think we had a great balance of necessities and swoon-ables but I have to be honest... I was able to convince myself almost anything (if it was pretty enough) was or would be a necessity for something... at some point! LOL

  2. Wine pitcher? Totally essential. The coasters too.. you can put your Cawfee cup on one!

    I love your registry list, personally ;)

  3. I definitely enjoyed registering. It was relatively painless since I did it all online - except for china which we looked at in the store together. Like Sara, I am pretty good at convincing myself that almost everything I pick is or will be a necessity.