Friday, February 11, 2011

Hey, Mister DJ

There are four things that the Bear has requested for our wedding. 

1. Military uniforms (check)
2. Open bar for the reception (check, check)
3. Red Velvet wedding cake (still working on it)
4. A DJ

How could I say no to any of that?  

Truth be told, I was relieved that he wanted a DJ because hiring a band can be a very expensive proposition.  Think about it, hiring a band means you're essentially responsible for paying each person.  And then there's the issue of space.  As in, where would we fit a band at our small reception site?  Lastly, we have really varied tastes in music. From hair metal to Motown, indie rock to hip hop, we're all over the music map.  Try finding a band that can leap from Stevie Wonder to Black Eyed Peas in a single bound and not break the bank, I dare you. 

So, we're hiring a DJ!

I hit the internet, full speed ahead.  All I wanted was a cool and professional DJ that would keep us dancing all night--and NO CHEESE. That meant no line dances, no mic-hogging,  no props for our guests, and a great mix of music that we like.  After what felt like hours of research I stumbled upon the best intro I have ever read on a vendor's website, ever.  See for yourself:

  • We spin music that is different & creative without being obscure. You will love it & so will your guests.
  • We never EVER use wacky lights, smoke machines or hang banners at any event.
  • We never play line dances or the standard boring wedding or party fare.
  • We arrive dressed for a party, not dressed like clowns.
  • We emcee your wedding or party more minimally than the average wedding DJ.


Popshop! DJs are exactly what I had in mind.  They actually have a list of songs that they will not play unless you request them.  Songs like, "Macarena," and "The Electric Slide," will not be heard unless you, the host, make a point of asking for them.  Oh yeah!  One less thing to worry about!

I reached out to them and in a few days I was on the phone with a DJ that suited my tastes.  We spent about 40 minutes chatting about music and what I want to hear on our wedding day.  There was a back and forth element to our dialogue that I hadn't felt in previous conversations with other DJs. He wasn't just pitching his services to me, he was listening to my ideas and getting excited about them too!  And that, my friends, sealed the deal.  

We're going with Popshop!  

So what about you?  Did you hire a band or a DJ?  Or are you going the DIY route?

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  1. Congrats on finding a DJ!

    Our search was was fairly simple.. our venue highly recommended someone that often dj's there.. we met with him and we clicked right off the bat. He sounds a lot like yours.. will really only play what we ask, and is up for anything. Major points!