Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Work with Me Here, Please...

Dear Prospective Wedding Vendor, 

When I wrote you a few weeks ago, I was being sincere.
Has my email gone unread?  Was it something I said?  
Yes you're amazing and I'm sure your inbox is swamped.

Now, all I ask it that you please tell me you are unavailable.
Or an automated response that says "I got your email, thanks!"

Really, I liked your work a whole lot!  I LOVED your work. 
Egads, is that not good enough?! Ok, I SWOONED over your portfolio.
Please, just drop me a line.  Two words--tops.
Like "dream on," or "I'm booked."  See?  Easy-peasy.
Your silence makes me a bit sad, mmk?  No one likes to be ignored. 


Have you been surprised by vendors that never responded to you?


  1. Clever!

    I emailed a venue back in May of 2010 in order to get some info and possibly schedule an appt to see the place. I called after a week to give them my email address, in case they didn't get the email I sent. I then called a week later, and emailed again.

    I got a response in October. OCTOBER. Seriously?? Even if I loved them and was seriously holding out waiting for them to respond and didn't already pick a venue, I would NEVER give them my service. It's ridiculous. It takes what, five minutes to write? Grrrrr.

  2. YES! It makes me soooo angry...I just want to scream WHAT KIND OF A BUSINESS DO YOU RUN?? Actually..I have a problem with the photographer that we actually already booked. We are already a paying, bonafide client and it takes forever to return phone calls and all I get when I email is an automated response saying "I'll get back to you when I can" Some people are so clueless.

    Sometimes..when it really angers me. I feed into it. I'll call the place literally once or twice a day plus email, just to get my point across that they're impossible to track down. Haha..not that I'm recommending that...

  3. @ Steph C - haha, 5 months to get back to you sounds a TAD excessive. What are they thinking?

    @ Saying I do - Oh no! I hope your photog get's his/her act together! It is so annoying when people take their time to reply.