Monday, February 28, 2011

Inspiration Shops

Inspiration shops strikes when you least expect it. 

I've been tossing around ideas for our photo booth backdrop for months now. 

First, I wanted something textured and monochromatic, like this:  

That idea didn't last too long because I crave color.  So I looked for something that combined color and texture and I found this:

And after a couple days of crepe paper streamers and ribbon, I moved on.  Maybe I didn't need texture.  Maybe I need something that could withstand the rockin' reception we plan on throwing.  Because I have a feeling some of our friends would be a little too tempted to manhandle the backdrop if we had many tactile temptations, if you know what I mean.

So that left me with color. 

Gorgeous, bold, and simple.  That backdrop is actually made of fabric from Ikea!  I liked it well enough, but I got busy with a bunch of other tasks on my list and the backdrop went to the back of my mind.  

Just the other day, I stopped into the local Kate Spade boutique and it hit me.

Stripes!  Striking, festive, and much more "me" than a super busy pattern. (even though the rose wallpaper on the side would also make a gorgeous backdrop).  

And have I ever mentioned my affinity for shiny things?  Because I love the reflective gold.  And chances are, no one will be wearing this pattern (just my luck--someone shows up in a gold and white cabana striped ensemble) so it won't compete too much with our guests' outfits.  

Yes!  This idea might get tweaked a bit, but only a bit.  I'm sticking to you shiny gold stripes--this is officially on my DIY list.

Are you going to have a photo booth at your reception?  Are you going to create your own backdrop?

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  1. Love it!

    We totally want to do a DIY photo booth.. haven't even started thinking about it yet, but I adore the bold red pattern in the third picture. So striking!