Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday! Snowed In

Happy Friday!  And if you're on the east coast, happy snow day to you!  Not to me, because I'm not exactly the biggest fan of snow and cold weather, but I do look forward to wearing my coziest sweater to work.  Casual Friday here I come!

And as I was getting ready this morning, looking for my favorite Winter boots, I glanced over at my collection of Chuck Taylors and thought about how much I want Summer back NOW.  And I thought of the Ramones, yeah it's random, I know.  So I'm sharing this with you all, a sweet love song from a kick ass punk rock band as a way of ending this week on a good note (har, "note"). 

Or maybe this is my little way of flipping the bird to Old Man Winter.  

Have a great weekend!


  1. I know it's weird but I totally understand the summer/Ramones connection. I'm fully in support of spring/summer returning, stat.

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