Thursday, January 6, 2011

Be Still My Heart

Are these my shoes?

Because I really, really want them to be.  

I saw these a few minutes ago, and I thought "wow, those are cute."  Then I saw the heart shaped peep toes and I thought "I WANT THEM."

I mean, HEART SHAPED PEEP TOES! Alexander McQueen Heart Shaped Peep Toe pumps in Satin.  Sigh...My inner shoe troll is seriously chomping at the bit.

But how would ever be able to afford a pair of these babies, IF I could find them in my size, right?  So I should probably forget about it.  But then I saw that they were on sale.  And then I realized that my size was sold out.  

So I bought the next half size up.  Not sure whether I should hang my head in shame, or wave my wedding to-do list around in victory.

They go with the color palette, they definitely can (and will) be worn again but the heels are 4.5 inches high!  Gulp.

So now I'm impatiently waiting for these lovelies to be delivered to my desk, err, door.  

Have you found your wedding shoes yet?  Were they an impulse buy or did you take your time?


  1. I'm pretty much in love with those. IF they're a teensy too big you can always put a little shoe pad in the back to keep them from slipping! Im sure they will fit though

  2. These shoes are awesome! I splurged on my shoes too, the love flat Louboutins. Oh well. We gots to have something to flash in those cute shoe pics right?

  3. Nice. Those are pizazzy hearts right there. Would you wear a matching nail polish or go for something with a big of contrast?

    No luck in the shoe dept. yet for me, unfortunately. Sometimes it can be a real bummer to have a common shoe size; you find something you like only to realize it's sold out! Not that it's happened to me or anything. Three times. :(

  4. @ Krystal - I hope that the shoe pads will make them really comfy

    @KatieB - Loubs were my first choice! If these babies don't do the trick, I'm going to look for some red soles!

    @majorminutiae- Haha, that's the story of my life. Or at least when I go shoe shopping. I think I would wear something for contrast. Red? Pink? Too many choices!!