Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Light Up The Party!

I've been watching a ton of wedding shows lately, (shocking right?) and one thing I've started to notice, that I never would have considered before, is the lighting.  The right lighting in the room really does set a tone for the night and transforms the space.  But after watching one too many episodes of Platinum Weddings, I've realized that professional event lighting, like in the picture above, is NOT for us. 

So we're going for something a little more low tech.

(clockwise from left 1, 2, 3, 4)

And by a "little" low-tech, I mean extremely low-tech and very vintage.  I've officially jumped onto the mercury glass bandwagon and I don't want to jump off!

These tiny candles pack a big punch in decor.  I love the glow and the warm feel that candles can add to an event.  And they're more budget-friendly than professional uplighting.  The only thing is that traditional mercury glass is silver and silver isn't really part of the color palette I had in mind.  But gold is!  So I'm now looking for gold mercury glass votives!  

The next questions is do we rent these or do I add another DIY to the list?  According to the florist they cost about $2 each to rent, so I think I'm going to attempt a DIY on this one.    

What about you?  Are you going for professional lighting or something else?

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  1. I'm getting LED Wall Washes and putting a blue gel over them. I saw them on weddingbee and they seem pretty easy to use.

    I love those mercury vases, though, so pretty and delicate!