Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thing I Never Thought About Before I Started Planning Our Wedding #534


#534 on the list of "Things I Never thought About Before I Started Planning our Wedding."

It's safe to say that these stamps are my all time favorite (because I'm keeping track now) :

I liked them so much that I eagerly affixed them to our save the dates without thinking about the future, and by future I mean our invitations.  

The thing is, to stay in budget we decided not to go for custom stamps even though they could have really looked amazing.  BUT, we did agree that we would think about it if the postage for our invitations came to be something that would require way too many stamps. 

Would I be stuck with the standard Forever Stamp?


I crossed my fingers as I waited for the verdict from the postman.  And wouldn't you know it?  Our postage came out to a perfect 64 cents. Just one stamp.  Just like that, I'd lost the custom stamp battle. 

Defeated, I reviewed our choices on and was alarmed at first by the lack of variety:

EEP!  NO! Don't get me wrong, who doesn't love dolphins (I love dolphins, I do)?!   I mean, I wasn't feeling the blue dolphin stamp since it kinda clashed with the envelope.

The ubiquitous and convenient wedding cake stamp!  I actually like it, but here's where I'm going to sound like a neurotic "overthinker"-- it's too off white and it's just not right for our invitations.  Yeap the cake is too off white for our pearl white invitations (adding that to my list of "Things I'd Never Thought I'd Actually Say" right now).  Those were the words I used to explain my objection to the Bear.  And can I tell you that his response was pretty much "wha?!"  Yeap.  [Slightly] Neurotic and "overthinking" bride in the house!

And then, dear friends, (to my surprise) I found a winner.  

The Monarch stamp!  Not that Monarch butterflies have any connection to our wedding (unless anyone knows a tidbit of scientific information that links their migration to NY state weddings in July)but, I kinda like it!

It's a bold pop of color and it's pretty--but not so pretty that a guy (namely my groom-to-be) would hate it.  It's white and not cream and it doesn't scream "WEDDING!"  Simple, bold, and not custom!

Thank you USPS!  Now, please keep the cute stamps coming!  

Whoa.  Sounds like they might be listening.  So if you are, USPS, please PLEASE update the wedding stamps.  And keep up the good work with the others!

What unexpected wedding detail have you obsessed over?  Did you splurge for custom stamps?  Or did you go traditional with the wedding cake/rings stamp?


  1. I did custom stamps for the save the dates using a Groupon I bought for Zazzle. I still spent more than the cost of a normal stamp! I did the king and queen stamps for my wedding invitations! The king went on the envie and the queen when on the RSVP reply envie! :)

  2. Oh my gosh I LOVE those last stamps with Love written on them!! Is that a forever stamp..? I want!

    And I like that you're using the butterfly.. honesty? I think it's a little dorky to use the rings/cake stamps :/ It's just.. so typical, I guess. Way to go against the curve!

  3. My mom wants personalized stamps.... I personally am fine with standard stamps (who keeps the envelope anyway?). Also- the USPS has as of two weeks ago released a "wedding" forever stamp- white flowers so not overly obvious wedding but still unique and pretty.