Friday, May 20, 2011

My Crowning Glory

It's one thing to decide on a style of veil.  It's an entirely other thing to find that veil in your price range. After some thought, I set my heart on a cathedral length drop veil with lace trim to compliment my dress.  

I didn't have to think too hard about it.  It was the same veil that was placed on my head just before I said yes to my dress--as Monte from Say Yes: ATL would say, it's the veil I wore when they "jacked me up."

My first instinct was to call Kleinfeld to inquire about the veil I had originally tried on,cathedral length drop veil with lace edging, and got an estimate of $1,200.  I tried to be polite as I picked up my jaw from the floor and hung up at the same time (they don't teach you these things in school, folks).  

So I began looking around local shops.  I found some contenders by Enzoani that came in at the $400-$500 mark, but I wasn't in love.  And for $500, I better be in love with whatever I'm buying.  It started to feel like I was going to have to rethink my veil, when one day, out of nowhere, I remembered a veil post from WeddingBee by the lovely Mrs. Lime that lead me to Candi Merle of Crowning Glory Designs.  Her reviews were stellar, and her work was gorgeous. Just look:

So, I crossed my fingers and emailed her and she was as amazing--the reviews were spot on (duh, I know).  She mailed samples to me right away, and once I'd picked the lace for the veil she gave me a quote.  JAW DROP, again.  This time it was for good reason:  my veil, my gorgeous lace-trimmed-custom-veil, was a tiny fraction of what I was originally quoted.  Just a few weeks later, the veil of my dreams arrived on my doorstep.  

Wanna see?

Whoops!  Didn't realize how impossible it would be to take a decent picture of an enormous veil...will you forgive me if I just share these previews until I can finagle some pics of me wearing my whole ensemble?  Please?

I am overjoyed by how it turned out.  The lace, oh the delicious 3 inch lace border, is exactly what I wanted!  Can't wait to see it in action!

Working with Candi was a pleasure.  She was really easy to communicate with (and she lives in California, so there was a decent time difference), extremely responsive, and she was able to translate my description into a real veil that's just perfect for me!    

How about you?  Are you wearing a veil or hair accessory?  Did you go the custom route?   



  1. Wow, your veil is gorgeous! I've never heard of Crowning Glory Designs, but now I feel like I HAVE to check out Candi's work. Did you communicate entirely via email/phone? Thanks again for spreading some great advice!

  2. @ The Reluctant Bride - Yes, we communicated entirely via email and she was amazing to work with! You can find her contact info through the link in the post! Good luck!!! Though you probably won't need it. ;)

  3. Glad it's all worked out and that you've got what you wanted. It's beautiful. Love the lace edged veils.

    I'm wearing a cathedral veil, which I didn't think I would as I thought I wouldn't be able to cope with the length. I'm also wearing a tiara (shock) but may I add it's small. You may have seen it on WB.

  4. So exciting that you were able to find an option that worked! The veil looks absolutely gorgeous.

  5. It's beautiful!!! I, too, was shocked at how much veils were in the bridal boutiques. I ended up going the custom route and got exactly what I wanted, royal cathedral length with my first initial embroidered in it :)