Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A PSA for all Those Who Fear 'PDE'

And what's a PDE, you say?  

Move over PDA, it's time to share the spotlight because we're talking about a public display of emotion.  (And can someone tell me where I can find a pair of those sweet onion goggles?)

If I had to disclose my top three wedding related fears #2 would be my fear of crying uncontrollably all day because I am a big time crier.  Big time.  (Ok top three?  1. The aisle 2. Crying uncontrollably all day 3. Showing up nekkid)

I cry when I get mad*.  I cry when I am happy.  I cry when I'm so happy that I start laughing and crying.  I cry when I am surprised and when I'm embarrassed.  I cry when I'm super stressed out. I well up when I see an especially touching commercial (like hello ASPCA and Pampers?).  I cry when I see other people cry.  And I well up when I think about our wedding day.  

I am a big fat cry baby.  

My public displays of emotion have haunted me for my entire life.  As I child, I was tormented because I was the cry baby of the group.  Always was.  As I got older, I got a better handle on the waterworks but over the past year or so they've returned with a vengeance. 

You may be reading this thinking, "what's the big deal? Plenty of people cry at their weddings."  And you're right.  But not everyone is like me.  I'm not just scared of crying as I walk down the aisle, and I'm not scared of my ugly cry face (it's ugly, but it comes with the territory)--I'm scared of crying off and on for the entire DAY in front of all those people, especially when there's a good chunk of them that I don't know all that well.

Well, after some thought and some conversation with my friends I've come to the conclusion that no matter how scared I am to cry uncontrollably at my wedding--it's OK to bawl.  It's fine.  And any fear I have is mostly of people judging me to be a little unhinged or something.  And you know what?  Anyone that would judge a person for crying on their wedding day is wrong.  Just plain wrong.  And I think that every person we're asking to join in our special day will get it.  A wedding is an emotional event, ours will be no different!  SO GO AHEAD AND CRY IT OUT!

You can try not to ruin your makeup.  But if you're a crier, like me, you'll probably need to stash a bag of touch up cosmetics somewhere in your dress, and have your bridesmaids stocked up on Kleenex.  Just like me.  

So are you a crier?  Did you cry on your wedding day? 

* Nothing is worse than getting so mad at someone that you think you need to scream or tell them off, and then before you do, a hot tear just starts to roll down your cheek.  It totally kills the effect of, "I'm mad at you right now, and I'm not intimidated by you at all."


  1. I do cry at things sometimes silly things so I'm hoping I wont cry too much. I'm worried I'll cry when reading my vows and I want to say them clearly, but I'm hoping I'll be able to control myself. But no, you shouldn't feel bad for being a crier.

  2. Don't worry, I'm a big fat cry baby too! Do you watch the Office?? I've seen Pam & Jim's wedding a dozen times and I STILL bawl every. single. time. It's sad, really.

    So forget it when it comes to our wedding. I feel like I'm going to need a freaking makeup artist to follow me around all day, lol! But you are right.. it's your day, there will be so much emotion flowing from everywhere.. go ahead and cry!