Wednesday, May 25, 2011


It's time to get real with myself here.  


My four page, color coded list needs a makeover.  

Excuse me, I meant, a make-under.  

Step one: GET REAL.  Time is running out!

Step two: Cross off almost everything that isn't essential.  

Step three:  Delegate, relax and enjoy the ride!

It sounds really easy to say but now that we're only a few weeks away I need to cut my list down, but I seem to be adding things to it every day!  

So I've tried to cut it down to the essentials.  Table runners?  Pretty essential.  Drink flags? Cute, but I think people can probably stir their drinks with whatever our venue has.  But they are so cute!

Just. So. Cute.  

So I'm giving myself two weeks to work on my checklist, and then...this color coded list of stress turns into a pumpkin.  I have to keep things in perspective, I don't have time to do all the DIY I had in mind.  So if it's too hard, or too expensive, or just too complicated for the few hours I have to give after work then away it goes!

Have you had to cut back on projects you planned for your wedding?  Or were you able to accomplish everything?

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  1. Oh geez, my DIY list is out of control right now. Sure, I have a year, but by the time I actually start working on things, I know it's going to be WAY too much, lol ;) Here's hoping you can everything done that you need (and want) to!