Thursday, May 5, 2011

Let The Good Times Roll!

Guess who isn't going on a honeymoon right away?

Oh, yes. I hear that's the rumor (good guess).  But no, not those crazy kids!


(photo by Lucy Clement)

Yeap. That's us.  And we're postponing our honeymoon until next year sometime, when he gets to take a great big chunk of leave.  Unfortunately, he has just a few days after the wedding and it's back to work!

From what I hear, this is pretty common for military families.  Sometimes, training and deployment schedules don't work out at all and honeymoons are postponed indefintely.  I know a couple women who married their husbands just days before they deployed, barely enough time for a ceremony.  So, we're lucky.  Because we have time for a mini-moon.  

So right after the wedding we're headed to (fabulous) New Orleans!

Four days of amazing, mouth-watering, food.

Amazing live music from places like Preservation Hall and Tipitina's.  (Plus I just found out that Mary J. Blige will be in town for festival, um...YES!)

And a whole lot of nothing.  Because I really think we're gonna need a break.  

It's a toss up between the food and the nothing for me--they are tied for the "thing-I-am-looking-forward-to-the-most."  New Orleans is a little tradition for us, we've gone at least once a year since we started dating and it's always an amazing time.  It's has a big place in our hearts and we couldn't imagine a better post-nuptial getaway!  

So how about you?  What are your honeymoon plans?  Anyone else mini-mooning it?


  1. If we have the money, we'd love to go to San Francisco/Napa Valley area for a few days.. but ideally? Ireland. That will definitely be a few years down the road, though.

    My fiancé's sister and BIL didn't go on their honeymoon for a few years after their wedding - BIL was active air force at the time. So it's not that uncommon!

  2. We're going to wait and see. We were going to go away in our campervan that we bought last year, but we decided last week to sell it as we don't use it enough. So now we'll either have a few nights away in the countryside or get a late deal abroad somewhere. I think if you delay your honeymoon it's nice and actually a very good idea, as it gives you something to look forward to. If we just go away to the countryside for a few days then we'll go away to hopefully somewhere amazing on our first anniversary.