Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's Here! Or, the Drama of My Dress Delivery

I was at work yesterday, minding my own business, when this box was dropped off at my desk.  I'd almost forgotten that last week the bridal salon sent me an email with my the tracking number for my dress!

And then a few days later, this was dropped off to me:

My first thoughts were  "that's it?  The box is so small!  Oh my God that's my DRESS!"  But my train of thought was interrupted when my friend from the Shipping department said, "you should know it's a little wet on the bottom..."


WET!?  How wet are we talking about here?!

Oh.  My heart sank.  We're talking wet AND muddy.  We're talking wet, muddy, soaked through, dented, and torn.  

The horror.  Here's a closer look:

Look at that sad box.  Yeap.  That box contained my wedding dress.  

I got on the phone with customer service, and explained the situation with as much composure as I could muster.  And then, to my shock and dismay, the customer service rep told me to open the box.

Now, this might not make sense if I don't explain the rules here.  When you purchase your dress, you can choose to have it shipped to the store or to your house.  If you choose to have it shipped to your home, you have to sign a document (and have it notarized) agreeing that you will not open the box.  And if you open the box, you're agreeing that any damages to the dress are no longer the store's responsibility.  

After some prodding and assurances that this was the exception to the rule, I grabbed some napkins and my scissors and started opening the box to assess the damage.  I held my breath and tried to steady my shaking hands as I struggled with the soggy cardboard.  

There was mud under the tape I pulled up.  Lovely, eh?  

This whole process dragged on for what felt like an hour, until finally my dress emerged.

My heart sank a little further when I saw the water beading.  It was hard to tell if it was on the garment bag, or in it.  

(I never thought the sneak peek for my dress would look like this)

My dress made it!  After a few more minutes of scrutiny, it appears that luck was on my side--FedEx was notsomuch on my side, but no harm (to my wedding dress!) no foul.  No muddy rainwater stains to be seen.  

Fingers crossed all goes well at my first fitting this week!

Have you run into any wedding dress drama?  Please share!


  1. OMG...had a heart attack for you. SO glad it's ok!!!! It was an interesting sneak peak!

  2. OMG!! My heart also sank I also showed my FI and we read the post together saying alot of 'Oh no's'. So glad it's OK, I had noticed the rules of receiving your dress seemed different in the US to Britain as here they're always send to the bridal shop. Very nail biting post. So relieved for you, I felt your panic.

  3. Oh my GOD. I would have had a heart attack/panic attack/some combination of both right there on the spot. So happy to hear that the dress was protected and dirt free, though!! Good luck at your fitting!

  4. I dont know how your even standing right now! So happy your dress made it in one peice! I would have passed out and blew!!! Congrats again!