Thursday, May 26, 2011

Holding On To The Memories

My must-have accessory for our wedding day is not my earrings.  And it's not my veil. Nope, my must have accessory is going to be something to remember my loved ones that are no longer here.

It's been a little over a year since my Papou (grandfather) passed away, and I miss him terribly.   And a few years back, I lost my Abuelita.  It would mean so much to me to keep them both close to my heart on my wedding day.  So I've started to look for ways to honor them on my bouquet. 

My florist started me off by suggesting I wrap the handle of the bouquet with something meaningful to the person I want to remember.  Like a hanky, a piece of jewelry, or even a rosary.  But with two people in mind, it was hard to find two small items that fit together without being too bulky for the bouquet.  

I love this gorgeous charm by Paloma's Nest. It's custom, so you can really make it personal.  I like the idea of using two, one to mark the occasion and one with a monogram of the person you want to carry with you.  

These picture charms are beautiful.  I love the idea of carrying a picture of the loved one you would like to remember.  The glass is  a modern and delicate touch. 

And I love the idea of using a vintage locket, something that you might have worn in the past, as a more subtle way to remember your loved ones. 

I think I'm leaning toward the locket.  I already have one that I've worn for years, but it needs a little love.  And I like that a locket has enough room for two pictures inside, perfect for me. 

Are you remembering your loved ones in a special way?

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